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Start with Windows

Rotifier cannot currently start with Windows as that function has not yet been built into the application. When I get round to it, 'Start with Windows' will be available in 'Settings'.

The application is broken

The application will be fixed as soon as possible. The reason it is broken will be because ROBLOX frequently changes the ID of their notification bubbles. As a result of this, the application breaks and must be updated. Please visit the site to check for any new updates. If you notice the issue is not fixed within 24 hours, you may need to email me.

Sounds are coming from Rotifier

  • Tested on Windows 8 and Windows Vista
If you hear an ad playing in the background and discover it's not your browser, it's most likely to be Rotifier. To fix this, open the Volume Mixer while the ad is playing and press the mute icon underneath Rotifier. To open the Volume Mixer,
  • Click the volume icon in the tray.
  • Click mixer when the slider appears.
  • Find Rotifier in the list and click the volume button (this will mute it).

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